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My cases are individually handled, in an un-bureaucratic manner. That is why I feel so well looked after by Lowell Inkasso Service.

As a collection agency we stand for professional receivables management (Kopie 1)

But our services start long before the collection. Payment-relevant information about your customers, professional risk management and invoice and dunning management help to prevent payment defaults before even reaching the collection process.

Risk Management

30% of the payment defaults can be avoided by means of comprehensive payment-relevant information about your customers and professional risk management.



We provide you with comprehensive support with the following services.


Our databanks are fully automatically updated every day with all official information on company and private insolvencies. 


In the case of insolvency (bankruptcy), special processing of your transferred collections cases is necessary. We advise you on the cost-effectiveness of registering your bankruptcy expenses. If necessary, we will take over, via a law firm commissioned by us, the complete handling of the bankruptcy services from the registering of the bankruptcy expenses, representation in the insolvency proceedings up to the monitoring and management of incoming dividends.

License-holder enquiries

In the case of justified legal interest, such as trespass or civil-law compensation claims, you grant us the power of attorney to investigate license-holders of a motor vehicle with the responsible authorities.


As soon as we have information about the vehicle owner, we further process your claims efficiently by means of our collections and enforce them in your name. If we receive the information that the vehicle in question is stolen, we will take over the necessary formalities with the police for you. Parking space operators and filling stations particularly benefit from this service to protect themselves against people who just drive off without paying.

Addresses and contact data

In order to assert claims, it is absolutely essential to have a correct address and valid contact data for the debtor.


If reminders cannot be issued or the debtor cannot be contacted by either telephone or e-mail, the success rate for recovering an open receivable quickly sinks towards zero. In order to get into contact with your debtors, we use both our own comprehensive database and external sources of information such as registration offices and external credit agencies.

Creditworthiness information

Reliable and current creditworthiness information is an essential success factor in our everyday business. Checking the creditworthiness of a customer before the conclusion of a transaction helps to save a lot of money, time and irritation and protects your company against payment defaults or even insolvency.


Based on the creditworthiness information, suitable measures can be taken for safeguarding transactions - from safe methods of payment such as cash in advance, credit card or cash on delivery across bank guarantees, bill transactions, credit insurance or credit limits, to the decision not to enter into a business relationship at all. We obtain our creditworthiness information from partners that use publicly-accessible sources such as business reports, commercial register, registry of deeds, press and internet. As an essential factor in maintaining quality, credit agencies also draw on positive and negative collections data and are in regular direct dialogue with business enterprises.


Our credit scoring service is based upon a specialised piece of software that calculates a credit score on the basis of a variety of differently analysed and weighted characteristics (score card).


In industries with a high proportion of private customers and a lack of personal customer contact - such as e-commerce, online shops, mail order, energy providers, telecommunications providers, internet providers or music and video streaming services - the selection of the methods of payment “purchase on account”, “direct debiting” and “hire-purchase” is decisive for success or failure upon the market. Scoring helps you to make the right decision.

Payment method control

Risk profiles for assessing the risk of payment default of a potential customer are produced during the purchasing process, using the scoring value and other parameters,


and the customer is offered methods of payment in line with the assessment such as “payment in advance”, “credit card”, “cash on delivery” or the methods of payment that are preferred by most customers, such as “purchase on account“, “direct debiting” or “hire-purchase”.

Limit control

With the methods of payment preferred by customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, “hire-purchase”, “direct debiting” and “purchase on account”, a limit in keeping with the calculated risk profile of the customer can be offered, which the customer is allowed to exhaust.


Limits can be issued for invoice totals per purchase, per day, per week or for individual periods. If the set limit is exceeded, the system will only accept safer methods of payment such as purchase against advance payment, payment by credit card or cash on delivery.

Basket analysis

Online traders can also draw upon risk assessment based on the items in the basket for controlling methods of payment.


With basket analysis it is possible to offer the option of “payment on account” to customers to whom only safe methods of payment would be available due to their risk class, if the customer for example has items from product groups with a low price and high marginal return in their basket, in which case the risk remains low and calculable.

Fraud detection and prevention

Anonymity on the internet and distance selling makes companies more prone to becoming the target of fraudsters or attempted fraud.


Our system for fraud detection and fraud prevention recognises peculiarities in orders based upon certain ordering patterns, address data and other attributes. Checks are also made to see whether negative experience is already associated with the data stated by the customer. With our system for fraud detection and fraud prevention, attempts at fraud can thus be revealed in good time and financial losses can be prevented. Mailing of invoices. As our collections customer we enable you to benefit from our favourable conditions for printing, envelope filling and the mailing of letters. You hand over to us files with ready-to-print invoice data. We will look after the rest. We can only be entrusted with the mailing of invoices in combination with our collections services.

Debtor management

As an all-inclusive service provider, we cover the entire value-added chain with our service. You can thus concentrate fully on your core business.



We will be happy to render the following services on your behalf.

Mailing of invoices

As our collections customer, we let you benefit from our favourable conditions for printing, putting items in envelopes and sending letters.


You hand over to us files with ready-to-print invoice data. We will look after the rest. We can only be entrusted with the mailing of invoices in combination with our collection services.

Payment monitoring

The data that you hand over to us for the printing and mailing of invoices is stored in our IT system and monitored for punctual payment.


If payments are not punctual, we will take over the dunning service for you. We can only be entrusted with payment monitoring in combination with our collections services.

Dunning service

Stringent and efficient dunning requires a lot of time, experience and sound instincts, but the resources required to operate dunning in the way that is actually commercially necessary are often not available in the company.


We will handle the dunning on your behalf with the necessary experience and consistency − the way you want it to be carried out for your customers − and achieve maximum success in this. Because after all, we know how valuable your customers are.

Receivables management

Professional and stringent receivables management is a commercial necessity for securing the continued existence of a company.  


You can find our portfolio of services listed below.


With our more than 40 years of experience in pre-litigation collections service, we will help you to distinguish “non-payers” from “cannot pay”, turn “non-payers” into “payers” and long-term, loyal customers and to leave customer relationships with those who “cannot pay” with the necessary steps for finally receiving recompense for your  after all.


A software system specially developed for our requirements assists our excellently trained, mostly long-time employees in their task of turning ailing business relationships into business relationships that are valuable and profitable to you for the long-term. We communicate in a target-oriented way and with different stages of pressure. We use all channels of communication for this, provided it is legally possible and the necessary data is available. 


  • Classic dunning letter    
  • Dunning letter by e-mail    
  • Telephone collections    
  • SMS that request getting in contact         
  • Messenger and chat applications

Your debtors are our customers and can get in contact with us from Monday to Friday between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm and on Saturdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Bad debt collections

For a wide variety of reasons, such as the circumstances of the debtor or other claims against the debtor which are to be treated with priority, even a legally binding verdict does not


always lead to immediate payment. In this case, we take over the necessary steps for you, such as periodic checking of the financial situation, so that in the end you receive your money after all. A legally binding verdict protects your claim, for 30 years, against falling under the statute of limitations.

Purchase of receivables

For an extremely wide variety of reasons (own liquidity, external risk assessment, etc.) it can be necessary and sensible to divest oneself of one’s portfolio of claims that are already payable and/or litigated.


Together with specialised partner banks we assess and evaluate your portfolio (currently at least 1 Mio. euro consisting of individual claims with max. 20T euro) and will make you a fair offer for its acquisition in keeping with the market.