We ensure fair, clear conditions

My cases are individually handled, in an un-bureaucratic manner. That is why I feel so well looked after by Lowell Inkasso Service.

Savings potential from Lowell Inkasso

  • 100% outsourcing of activities and personnel    
  • Improvement of one’s own profitability    
  • Improvement of one’s own credit rating (Basel 3)    
  • Made-to-measure and specialised services    
  • Experience and the right instincts for justness and fairness    
  • Hardly any administration work


How you benefit from our professional receivables management
  • Improved cash flow    
  • Payments received earlier, meaning shorter DSOs    
  • Higher recovery rate, meaning fewer losses of sales    
  • Increasing of one’s own liquidity    
  • Restoring harmony to the “disrupted” relationship with the customer    
  • Maintaining customer retention and securing future sales    
  • Lower costs for reminders, collections, and court and attachment courts